Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Barn Players Community Theatre recognizes and condemns the systemic racism and historical injustices that persist in our society. We support and celebrate the many diverse voices in the communities we serve. We vow to support and uplift our friends in communities of color, and commit to supporting efforts that end racism and inequity in the Kansas City performing arts community.

The Barn Players Community Theatre believes that performing arts should unite people of diverse backgrounds and enrich the lives of those who experience it. We realize this cannot be achieved unless all individuals have fair and equitable representation regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, income, gender, age, sex, sexual orientation/gender identity, or any other classification.

The Barn Players Community Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that welcomes and values all forms of diversity as we strive to better represent the performing arts community in Kansas City. To achieve this, we recommit to the following:

  • Including diverse perspectives by hosting regular focus groups and listening sessions with traditionally underrepresented stakeholders.
  • Intentionally creating equal opportunities by removing barriers of access through multicultural show selection, non-traditional casting, and equitable hiring practices.
  • Fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion by recruiting leadership and volunteers that are representative of the diverse communities we serve.

The steps we’ve taken so far are just a start. We will continue to reach out to our friends in communities of color across the metro as we strive to become a community theater that better represents our entire community.

In Solidarity,
The Barn Players Community Theatre Board of Directors

Vida Bikales, Board President
Eric Magnus Artistic Director
Steve Sears, Vice-President
Lynn Reddick, Asst. Artistic Director
Kay Noonan, Secretary
Becca Wagner, Treasurer
Pam Craven
Ile Haggins
Devin Mirfasihi
Shelley Moran
Barb Nichols
Michael Poppa