The 2017 6 x 10
Ten Minute Play Festival

DEC 8-10, 2017
FRI & SAT 7:30P, SUN 2:00P

"The Little Bit You Can Do" by Lewis Morrow
Directed by Nick Hazel

Renee - Jabrelle Jenee
Jimmy - Craig Donnell Jr.

"Bittersweet and Strange" by Michael Dragen
Directed by Em Loper

Adam - Brent Custer
Belle - Nicole Hall
Agathe - Pete Kuhn

"A Man's Musical" by Phil Kinen
Directed by Barbara Nichols

Dad - John Edmonds
Alec - Daniel Wohlberg
Leena - Zoe London

"Cornered" by Aaron Scully
Directed by Lindsay Adams

Tom - Jacob Funke
DJ - De'Marckus Howell

"Route 84 House Fire" by Jessie Salsbury
Directed by Craig Aikman

Fire Marshall - Sara Crow
Girl - Ary Aikman

"Best Friend Love" by Emma Carter
Directed by Alexa Cioffi

Aria - Alice Pollack
Bea - Lindsay Roland