Announcing The Best Seats in The Barn!

The Barn board of Directors has established the two "Best Seats in The Barn" to honor board President, Vida Bikales. On opening night of each of the 2018 productions, one person who has helped the Kansas City arts community and their guest, will be honored by sitting in these seats, being introduced during the curtain speech for their contributions and by enjoying a $50 gift card for The Jacobson in The Crossroads.

As an active part of the arts community, this is an opportunity to say thank you to the people who help it thrive.

Please nominate people who are contributing to the vibrancy of the Kansas City arts scene. These can be obvious choices who are well known or people who work quietly behind the scenes. They can be artists themselves or patrons of the arts.

Please fill out the following to nominate someone...

Nominations are closed at this time. Thank you!