Music and Lyrics by Various Composers
Book by Stephen Elliott and Allan Scott
Based on the latent image/Specific Films Motion Picture Distributed by Metro-Goldwin-Mayer Inc.

Directed by Eric Magnus
Musical Direction by Michelle Allen McIntire
Choreography by Ramsey Self


Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26. 2pm-4pm
at The Arts Asylum, 1000 E 9th St, Kansas City MO 64106

NOTE: If you have worked with this Director or Musical Director before, there is no need to come to the open call. Please email your interest to the driector at by Monday, April 27th


Auditions will be an open call and will consist of singing a prepared 32 bar selection of a rock or pop song in the style of the show.

Please provide sheet music - no CD's and no A Capella auditions. An Accompanist will be provided. Please provide a headshot and resume if available

Invited Callbacks will be held on Sunday, May 3 from 1pm to 5pm at The Arts Asylum. Please be prepared to read scenes and sing songs from the show (sides will be provided) and dance. If you are auditioning, please make sure to clear your schedule that evening, as callbacks are critical to putting together the strongest ensemble for this ensemble piece. You will be notified by email if you are invited to callbacks.

Rehearsals will begin Monday, July 6th, at Prairie Baptist Church, 75th and Roe. Typical weekly rehearsal schedule will be Sunday 2pm-5pm and Monday-Thursday nights from 7pm-10pm. Conflicts with the rehearsal schedule must be kept to an absolute minimum during the rehearsal process. No conflicts will be accepted during dress/tech week (8/18 - 8/21).


August 20-30, 2020

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:00pm
at The Arts Asylum, 1000 E. 9th, KCMO


A Kansas City Community Theatre Premiere about a glamorous Sydney-based performing trio who agree to take their show to the middle of the Australian outback, featuring a hit parade of popular songs of the 70s and 80s such as “It’s Raining Men”, “I Will Survive”, “Hot Stuff”, “Boogie Wonderland”, “MacArthur Park”, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “I Love The Nightlife” and “Go West”.


We strongly encourage submissions for Principal & Supporting Roles from artists who self-identify as Black, White, Asian, Indigenous, Latino or Multi-Ethnic and we encourage actors to indicate interest in any roles that fit their gender identity at auditions.

Age ranges are approximate and not intended to exclude actors from consideration.


  • Bernadette Bassenger (40 – 60 male / Baritone). a quietly dignified transsexual who must be convincing as an older woman who was once the star performer of ‘Les Girls’; the mother of the group, Bernadette is glamorous, oozing Old Hollywood charm with rapier wit and sensitivity; becomes attracted to Bob, who they meet on their journey into the Outback.
  • Anthony “Tick” Belrose (30 – 45 male / Baritone). Tick is a discontented drag queen (“Mitzi”), the best in the business; estranged husband of Marion and absent father to young Benjamin, his journey from disillusionment to fulfillment through being reunited with his son is the central core of the story.
  • Adam Whitely (20 – 29 male / Tenor). a flashy, young drag queen (“Felicia”) and born performer with a more than occasional bitchy streak; provocative and outspoken he has a tendency to get himself into trouble with both friends and complete strangers.


  • Bob (40 – 65 male / Baritone-Bass). a mechanic; typical laconic attitude, soft hearted Aussie bloke who spent years wandering around the world only to find he was better off where he started; has a fascination with Bernadette whom he saw perform in ‘Les Girls’ in Sydney more than twenty years ago. SONG: A Fine Romance
  • Marion (27 – 40 female / Mezzo-Alto). A hotel Entertainment Manager in Darwin, mother of Benjamin and estranged wife of Tick (“Mitzi”); a strong, direct and forthright woman who takes charge, but is incredibly accepting of her role as a single mother; there is a deep unconventional affection between her and Tick. SONG: Boogie Wonderland
  • Benji (10 – 14 male). Tick and Marion’s son. SONG: You Are Always On My Mind
  • Miss Understanding (20 – 40 male / Tenor-Baritone). A fabulous African-American drag queen with great comic hosting ability; sets up the tone of the show for us, must be able to work a crowd well, and look brilliant in drag; ability to deliver Tina Turner numbers convincingly. SONGS: It’s Raining Men, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Say A Little Prayer

THE DIVAS TRIO (20 – 40 females / Soprano-Mezzo-Alto mix of voices). Sassy and strong, these women lead us through some of the greatest hits of the last decades; all ethnicities, shapes and sizes welcome, but brilliant vocalists in the disco-belt style a must; will also be part of the female ensemble. SONGS: It’s Raining Men, Venus, Say A Little Prayer, I Will Survive, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Shake Your Groove Thing, MacArthur Park

  • Diva 1
  • Diva 2
  • Diva 3


  • Shirley (20 – 50 female / Mezzo-Alto). Hardened outback bar tender/waitress. Can double as one of the Divas. SONG: I Love The Nightlife
  • Cynthia (20 – 35 female / Mezzo-Alto). Asian/Eurasian origin; Bob’s feisty Filipino wife; a frustrated performer of obscure ‘stage tricks’ which make her very popular at the local pub; she spends her days as a housewife looking after Bob and his home. Note: Anyone auditioning for this role should look at the scene in the film involving Cynthia’s performance in the bar involving ping pong balls, where the role and costuming will be at its most raunchy. SONG: Pop Muzik
  • Band Boy (24 – 40 male / Baritone). Lead singer of a bar band in Woop Woop. SONG: Thanks God I’m A Country Boy
  • Young Bernadette (18 – 15 / Mezzo-Alto). The young Bernadette as a “Les Girls” the way Bob remembers her. SONG: A Fine Romance
  • Frank (24 – 40 male / Baritone-Bass). A tough miner bloke with violent tendencies; a hardened resident of mining town Cooper Pedy; tall, strapping and very outback Australian.


All Ensemble Actors must be strong actors / singers who move well and are confident and adept at creating fully realized, strong, textured characters. The ensemble plays a wide variety of roles. We are seeking full range of male & female voices and ages.

For more information, please contact Eric Magnus, Artistic Director of The Barn Players, at

The Barn Players welcomes and values all forms of diversity as we strive to better represent the performing arts community in Kansas City.

Non-traditional and equal-opportunity casting is encouraged.

Upcoming Audition Dates (preliminary: subject to change)

Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr.:No audition - registration opens Friday, February 14, 12:01am

The Secret Garden: TBD

The 13th Annual 6x10 Ten Minute Play Festival: TBD